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I am using codeigniter and what i want to do is when user logs in, I am storing his first name and last name in session.

i have header file which i include in all the views i want to show something like this welcome "amit patil" | Logout

where "amit patil" is coming from session.

  • How can i access session value and display in header file
  • I know it can be possible with this

    $data['admin_fname'] = $this->session->userdata("first_name");
  • I dont want to repeat this process in all the controllers, Is there any easy way ??

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You can create an helper to do it.

function getUserFirstName() {
     $ci =& get_instance();
     return $ci->session->userdata("first_name");

And then load the helper with $this->load->helper() in your controller. If something related to your user changes you will need to change only in the helper.

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