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I am trying to connect to a database from my rails app. This database is being updated all the time for storing the results of ongoing tests. My rails app is basically a front-end to display the test results.

What is the best way to access the sqlite database without interfering with the test framework? At the moment when I start the rails server it locks the database and no read/write is allowed to it while the server is running.

What is the best way to display results from a continuously growing database, where new records are not being added by the rails app itself? Thanks for your help!

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You should consider using another database engine, such as MySQL or Postgres. SQLite is a good RDBMS but does not fit well for high-concurrency scenarios. It has been designed mainly for desktop or device-embedded applications.


SQLite uses reader/writer locks on the entire database file. That means if any process is reading from any part of the database, all other processes are prevented from writing any other part of the database. Similarly, if any one process is writing to the database, all other processes are prevented from reading any other part of the database.

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I finally migrated to Postgres and it solved my problems, thanks for your reply Jef. – mpaf Mar 12 '12 at 10:05

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