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someModel.bind("all", function(eventName, model, XXXXX, YYYYY) {
   options.myStuff = "MyStuff et all";
   self.trigger(eventName, model, ??????, ?????);

XXXXX, YYYYY, ????? mark the problem: Where are the options?

I want to augment the options and retrigger any event on a new context. The problem is that backbone puts options in 4th position in some events ("change:xxx", "error", etc..) and in 3rd position in some others("change", "reset") making it impossible for me to know where in the arguments the options are, and to know where in the trigger i should put the enhanced options. Is there any other way except the obvious separate snippet for every individual event?

UPDATE: Looking at the backbone source, an acceptable solution for me would be to patch Backbone to always include a third argument in every event, so that options are always in the same 4th position. It is a simple change but I am kind of hoping for a more user space solution.

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As far as I can tell, the options are always the last argument passed to the callback. You could use the arguments object of the callback to modify the options.

For example

var x=new Backbone.Model();
x.bind("all", function(e) {
    console.log("x : "+e);

var m=new Backbone.Model( {name:"a"} );
    console.log("m : "+e);


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