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Is there a keyboard shortcut to show the context menu for a document tab - same as document tab right click?

Note: not the same as shift + F10 which brings up the main context menu.


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I was looking for this thing for quite some time and I accidently opened this menu today using my keyboard. The command is "Window.ShowDockMenu". The default key binding (at least in VS 2012) is "alt + -".

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This works for both Visual Studio 2010 and 2012. Use with conjunction Ctrl+F6 which tabs throught the tabs. –  Steven Chalk Sep 4 '13 at 8:29

What, in particular, are you looking to be able to do?

By default I don't think that there is one to open the document tab context window, but you can map custom shortcuts for a lot of the actions that are available under this context window.

To map a custom shortcut for Close All, for example, navigate to:

Tools > Options > Keyboard

Enter Window.CloseAllDocuments in the Show commands containing: textbox, and choose a shortcut. There are thousands of commands here, so chances are you'll find one that does what you want.

Also check out this plugin, which might have some of the features you're looking for.

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I looked at this plugin and the productivity tools. I'm just looking for a keyboard shortcut to open the context menu on a tab in visual studio. I also looked at the keyboard shortcut options in tools/customise/context menus/other menus but couldn't see a suitable command to hook a shortcut onto. For example: right click/close all but this as a keyboard shortcut. –  Steven Chalk Jan 30 '12 at 16:00

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