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I'm trying to output a key to a localized message in a jsp template in the following way:

    <c:set var="logo-tooltip-title">
        <fmt:message key="logo.tooltip.title"/>
    <c:out value="${logo-tooltip-title}"/>

With the following in my file:


Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong here? Why does it return 0 instead of Test?

My goal is to output that message as title of the following link:

    <a class="logo" href="/site/" title="${logo-tooltip-title}">
        <img src="<hst:link path="/img/logo.png"/>" alt="logo" class="headlogo" width="80" height="100" />

Any thoughts on the best approach to do this?



yes I have set the context param in web.xml:




This seems to work:

<fmt:message key="logo.tooltip.title" var="tooltip"/>

<c:out value="${tooltip}"/>
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What is the content of your web.xml? Did you set the ` <context-param>`? – Sérgio Michels Jan 27 '12 at 13:06

I don't think your problem is specific to HippoCMS.

I tried your syntax and I think you're missing a bundle declaration. If I add an org/ecausarano/ file to the war resources and:

<fmt:setBundle basename="org.ecausarano.Example" />

<c:set var="message">
   <fmt:message key="message.message" />

<c:out value="${message}" />

it works for me.

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JSTL tries to do math for "logo - tooltip - title" which results in 0. You've already found out that replacing the - by . solved the issue.

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