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I have implemented the following solution for conflict management in my web application:

Using transaction As New TransactionScope()
            ' Make changes to the data'
            ' Exit the loop when no conflicts occurred'
            Exit Do 
        Catch conflictEx As ChangeConflictException
            For Each prob As ObjectChangeConflict
                In manager.db.ChangeConflicts

        End Try
End Using

Essentially, if someone else quickly changes the data while it's still being processed, the program should re-read all the data and recalculate the changes from scratch.

But I'm unable to find any way to test this conflict management solution. I've tried setting a breakpoint before transaction.Complete() and modifying the table data in Visual Studio, but it keeps showing a timeout error while the breakpoint is set.

Any other reliable way of testing it?

ADD: Also tried inserting a Thread.Sleep(10000) call and changing the data in VS - VS query seems to freeze until the thread sleep call is finished.

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Have you tried instantiating a new datacontext right before (submitChanges) and updating data for that context saving it, then allowing the first datacontext to submit its changes?

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