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I'm completely confused, trying many ways to test it but it's still insane.
I'm trying to define a C preprocessor variable "DEBUG" (#define DEBUG) to activate debug logging in an opensource project, it uses GNU Autotools. So I put a line

AC_DEFINE(DEBUG, 1, [My description for DEBUG])


But what? After regenerating the config.h

autoheader && ./config.status

I look at the content of config.h and see this

/* My description for DEBUG */  
/* #undef DEBUG */

What the heck happened here? Other similar C preprocessor variables (by the project) are defined in the same way. They all appeared "#define"'d and uncommented, why mine becomes "#undef"'d and commented out?
So I tried many ways to do it, not just this way, I mimic the way other symbols by the project is defined. Tried all kinds of value, from 1 to TRUE, FALSE, all kinds of variable, from "DEBUG" to "FOOBAR", "KJJJ".... But it still works like that, I'm completely frustrated.

More info:

When looking at, I see all the lines are like this:


(Including my define AND the ones that appear validly #defined'd in config.h.)

When I don't run autoheader and just change the line of my variable in to

#define DEBUG

then generate config.h, then my DEBUG variable appears validly #define'd in config.h

*Autoconf version 2.67
*The project I'm working on is ibus

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If you just want to define it to activate debugging, you don't need to edit Just run configure with CPPFLAGS=-DDEBUG – William Pursell Jan 27 '12 at 16:33

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Running autoheader modifies, but not config.status. config.status does not know about the change you have made to, and does not know to do substitutions for DEBUG. It will not be updated until you run autoconf and the resulting configure script.

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please place the line AC_DEFINE before AC_OUTPUT .

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Simply use autoreconf instead of calling autoconf, automake et al manually.

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I tried that already, just talking about the config.h here, and it's changed everytime I modify – perfwill Jan 27 '12 at 13:45
The actual problem was, there's an error that stops autoreconf. Sorry for that. – perfwill Jan 28 '12 at 1:51

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