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I'm doing a iPhone app and there are review requests from within the app. I want to show the requests only when the review link is accessible. (You cannot expect users to give reviews when there's no network at all.) How to achieve this?

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You can use Reachability to check network status:

However, you might want to read my recent blog post about getting 5 star reviews and re-think your strategy:

[Spoiler: Don't use modal alerts]

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It worked, thanks. And also thanks for the strategy guide. However I still decide to use modal alerts, only once, to users who completed several levels. Later the 'Review Us' would reside in the options menu. (This follows the strategy:)) – willzeng Jan 28 '12 at 15:23

Actually, for your purpose I think Appirater is really helpful, it also does the network checking for you and so on.

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