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When i paging all registered users in Asp.Net MVC i use:

"Membership.GetAllUsers(page ?? 0, pageSize, out totalUsers)"
method and it works fine. But also i want to filter users by role. So i use below code for filtering users by role. And it works fine.

                MembershipUserCollection allUsers = Membership.GetAllUsers();
                MembershipUserCollection filteredUsers = new MembershipUserCollection();
                string[] usersInRole = Roles.GetUsersInRole(roleName);
                foreach (MembershipUser user in allUsers)
                    foreach (string userInRole in usersInRole)
                        if (userInRole == user.UserName)

And my question is, How possible paging with filteredUsers? Can anyone help me about it?

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1 Answer

You could use the .Skip and .Take methods:

page = page ?? 0;
var filteredAndPaginatedUsers = filteredUsers
    .Skip((page - 1) * pageSize)

Might not be very efficient because we are doing the paging and the filtering on the client side but I am afraid that the Membership API doesn't allow you to do paging and filtering at the same time.

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