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I am using WPF mediaelement for playing video. What I need is to cyclically play a video form x position to y position. Is there any way to achieve this without using timer and polling Position property?

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You don't have to poll the position property, but you can set it to begin play at start position, start a timer and set the interval for the time difference.

TimeSpan startTime = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(45);
TImeSpan endTime = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(55);
int timeDifference = endTime.TotalSeconds - startTime.TotalSeconds;

mediaElement.Position = startTime;

Timer t = new Timer() { Interval = timeDifference * 1000, AutoReset = true };
t.Tick += (sender, e) { mediaElement.Position = startTime };
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Thanks! You definitely have a point here. –  Peter17 Jan 27 '12 at 14:05

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