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Iam sending an rtmp stream from xuggle ffmpeg following the red5 wiki http://red5wiki.com/wiki/Live_streaming .

fmpeg -i test.flv -acodec copy -vcodec copy -f flv -re rtmp://

I have two instances on my stage. a video class instance to which i am attaching the stream after a successful net connect, and an FVLplayback instance to which i am giving the rtmp url as its source.

I am unable to subscribe to the stream. some relevant code bits.

private var rtmpURL:String = "rtmp://"; // connection url

        myplayer.isLive=true; // flvplayback instance on stage
                  // video class instance
        var video:Video = new Video  ;

what is wrong here ?

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issue was with the actual red 5 version rc1 windows installer, the above code works just fine when that is fixed. http://wiki.red5.org/wiki/1_0_RC1

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