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How to style in HR on left and right hand side of div?
How to make a line before and after my h1 tag?

I need to do something like that in HTML and CSS.

The Format

"-------------------- MY Footer ------------------------------"

I need to make it at the center of my screen using HTML and CSS.

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Exampe: (CSS for 'footer')

margin: 0 auto;
width: 600px;
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a div with .centered {width: 100% , text-align:center } as the css class And if the css property text-align: center doesn't work you can use the one from below

You can use a div, with a class like the one from below .center{ Left: 50% } that way you can have aligned in the center of the screen

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If you want to center the text then use text-align: center; if you want to center the div where the text is than first give the div - container a width e.g: width: 200px; than set margin: 0 auto;

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I came here to find out how to get text to break up a line like this: ----------Breaking the Line----------------------------. like at the top of a box to show a new section of the page. Any Ideas? –  Travis Heeter Oct 7 '12 at 22:18

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