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Could anyone provide any pointers on how to perform injection in a Service using RoboGuice 1.1.2.

I use a Service to poll a server every so often. The service populates the database of my app with some data from the server response. The service is started from the onUpdate method of an AppWidgetProvider.

It updates the application using an instance of a POJO that has some variables which are instantiated via injection using the RoboGuice framework. I need then to inject the POJO in my Service.

Is there some way of doing this or do I need to change my approach? Many thanks for any suggestions.

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Thats sounds more like message passing since you are going from one Context, the widget, to another, the Service. I typically wouldn't use roboguice for this type of injection. I have never worked with a widget and provider but I usually just use simple data serialization with intent extra data and / or Parceable and Bundles

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Thanks for your comments. I agree that I'm probably taking the wrong approach! Leaving this open for now as I would still like to know the actual mechanics of how to inject something in a Service. –  user1173706 Feb 1 '12 at 12:56

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