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I've set up two edittext fields and a button. The idea is if I key in anything in one of the text fields, press the button the exact value must be set in the other field. Here 's my code.

  rf1.setText("" + rf2);

But when I run the program (input say 24, press button) a strange message is displyed in the other text field saying


Any ideas anyone ??

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You're not getting the contents of rf2 properly, posting some code to show how you set it up will help someone actually give a good answer to your question. –  Barak Jan 30 '12 at 6:26

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Assuming that rf1 and rf2 are your EditText fields, you are not converting it to a string before setting the text.

Try this:

String strRf2 = rf2.getText().toString();

Then use setText()

rf1.setText("" + strRf2);
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