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I have a Django web site running a mini CMS we've built internally years ago, it's using postgresql. When saving a simple title and a paragraph of text I get the following error:

value too long for type character varying(100)

The weird thing is, not a single column is varying(100) they are all 200 or 250, even the default Django ones have been changed from the 100 to 200 due to a re-opened ticket mentioned here

Does anyone know of a solution to this problem?

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I can bet money you have a SlugField w/o predefined length? Set it to 255 and migrate

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You got it. I didn't think this was the issue because by default Django stores them as varying(50) but one of the dependencies in the project had a model varying(100) for the slug fields; I overlooked it. – JeffC Jan 30 '12 at 19:17

I also had this problem when using a filefield and was scratching my head for a while. Of course the default FileField instances are created with a 100 character limit.

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This is an error message from Postgres and not django.

You seem to have changed the length of the field in the, but that doesn't change the database length which was created when you did a syncdb.

You have to alter the length of the field in the database, directly.

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I didn't change them only in the models. I ran south as we normally do when we changed DB properties and we've since migrated, we double checked all the tables manually in postgres and there are no remnants of varying 100 anywhere. I am confused. – JeffC Jan 27 '12 at 18:17

I realize the question is already answered but for others that come here when looking for the error message:

In my case the problem was that my table name exceeded 50 characters. Apparently this is not allowed. Changing the table name solved the problem.

Read more here:

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I had a similar problem with django-autoslugfield I was using a similar package and then switched over to django-autoslugfield

I was getting this error: value too long for type character varying(50)

despite the fact that my had:

slug = AutoSlugField(max_length=255, populate_from='name', unique=True)

and in my db the it the type was character varying 255

once i remove max_length=255 from the field i.e.

slug = AutoSlugField(populate_from='name', unique=True)

then it worked fine

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