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I have several rhc gem versions installed. rhc is a command line client for openshift which is RedHat's cloud.

The gem adds a couple of shell commands, like rhc-chk, rhc-ctl-domain, rhc-create-app, rhc-ctl-app, etc.

With the following command I can see which versions of the gem I have installed:

gem list rhc
*** LOCAL GEMS ***
rhc (0.84.15, 0.81.14, 0.79.5)

Is there some command to find out which particular version is currently active, or I can safely assume that is the last one the one I'm using?

to be more precise, I mean if there's something like this:

gem list rhc --active
*** LOCAL GEMS ***
rhc 0.81.14
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By default the highest numbered version is active unless you specifically request a lower version. Typically this is done by locking with a declaration in Gemfile, the gem import call, or the generated Gemfile.lock.

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Or from the command line by specifying the version as the first argument surrounded with underscores: gem_command _version_ other args. –  matt Jan 27 '12 at 16:11

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