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On a jQuery Mobile page, I call the PhoneGap Storage function like this:

window.database.transaction(performQuery, error);

And it works. I can use it several times, and it always works.

Then, I use to change to a different page, then call history.back() from that second page, and back to the original page performQuery() does not get called anymore.

I placed alert() functions both before and after the call to transaction(), and placed one at the beginning of the definition for performQuery(), but the third alert() is never reached after getting back from the second page.

This also occurs with a transaction I put on the second page. It works the first time the second page opens, but it doesn't when I get back to the former page and then back to the second page again.

Also to be noted this question might have the same answer as this other question, although I cannot be sure.

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It turns out the culprit is the OS. According to a workmate, Android Honeycomb gives trouble in this regard, something to do with the page change.

Anyway, things work as expected on a different Android device.

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