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I have a simple tree table in an HTML page. If an entry in the table has children, the user can click an icon to toggle the visibility of the children. My page is similar to this:

Most of the time, you can keep your mouse in the same position and click to expand and collapse the same item as many times as you want. However, when the page is scrolled all the way to the bottom and you collapse something, the item moves downwards. This is frustrating, I would prefer it if enough blank space was inserted below the page contents to prevent a horizontal move.

I guess it would somehow be possible to insert a static window-height margin at the bottom of the page (how?) but something dynamic might be nicer (again, how?) I'm very interested to hear from anyone with an elegant solution to this problem.

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I'm not exactly sure how to visualize your issue without an example that shows what's happening, but you could try putting the entire table in a fixed-height div. If you could show us an example on or with your exact issue we may be able to help you further.


I'm not sure if this is what you mean by things moving, but the top example moves everything below it when the tables are collapsed, while the bottom example leaves everything where it is because of the fixed div height. Sorry if that's not what you're asking.

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I can't share my real HTML but wish I could. Typical real table has height: 4120px; when fully expanded and height: 102px; when completely collapsed. So there would be an awful lot of empty space at the bottom when collapsed. – paperjam Jan 27 '12 at 20:56

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