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I would like to add a class to all image that are concerned by max-width css property.

In a div for example, I have two images : Number 1 : width 200 & height 200 Number 2 : width 50 & height 50

I have a property max-width on my div : max-width:50px

Can I detect through jquery or else, that my image is resized by the css property ?

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As per my understanding of your problem here is how you can solve it.

var $imageContainer = $("div");
var maxWidth = $imageContainer.css('max-width');
      return $(this).height() > maxWidth;
.addClass('maxWidth');//Define this class with appropriate styles
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jQuery doesn't have any sort of internal "css value" selector. You can build one, but you may just want to do something like

$("img").each(function() {
   if ($(this).css('max-width') == '50px') {
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