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I want to login my application through Yahoo. I have been following this tutorial: http://developer.yahoo.com/social/sdk/objectivec/ but it seems outdated.

In the following line the method sendUserToAuthorizationWithCallback: doesn't even exist:

[session sendUserToAuthorizationWithCallback:nil]; 

I changed this to:

[session sendUserToAuthorizationWithCallbackUrl:nil];

But I get a bad access exception inside Yahoo files. It didn't worked neither on iOS 4 nor on iOS 5.

The Yahoo sources are here: https://github.com/yahoo/yos-social-objc

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Hay mate Have you solved your problem?? is yes Can You please share the solution as I'm having same issue. –  MayurCM Oct 12 '12 at 9:27
I did not solve it. I dropped support for Yahoo OAuth in my App. –  Tony Oct 12 '12 at 12:02

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it worked with me when i have assigned permissions to my app http://developer.apps.yahoo.com/projects/

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Go through this link and follow the instructions given


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The above SDK should work now. Try it: https://github.com/yahoo/yos-social-objc

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