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I am new to Version Control System and i started with Subversion (svn).

I know and used few basics stuff about SVN and i also used with Eclipse using Subversive.

Now i want to take this further to learning whole VCS with Subversion, so i came across 2 books

So which one i should go with ?

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I'm wondering how much is out of date or changed from the Pragmatic Version Control using Subversion (2nd edition) coverage of Subversion 1.3 (when the current version is 1.7 and has some significant changes over the years)

The svnbook I found to be well written and had some nice examples, and would suggest it instead of paying for something so far out of date.

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i had look at the Pragmatic book index , it looks concise and chapters also looks good for get started , on other hand, svn book is massive. lets see going to start with Pragmatic and then will refer to Online book – ajduke Jan 28 '12 at 5:18

Some companies offer free training webinars as well as SVNref cards which are like cheat sheets for different topics:

Forums dedicated to Subversion are great resources as well:

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Another tutorial that might help you more is the Tortoise docs, if you're on Windows you might find them a more accessible way to get into SVN, very well written and lots of screenshots.

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