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I started to work with Firefox addons. I would like to create an addon for security purposes, that scans all iframes in the current page and replace the SRC attributes if needed ( ! before loaded ! ). How can I do that?

I know how to make a javascript, but how to refer the current document?

I don't know how to compose the script, that runs before every page load.

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for (frame in document.frames) {
    frame.src = url;
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I know how to detect iframes, but where can I call the code? – Pmillan Jan 27 '12 at 17:47

Well, you can't do in content script (cause as DOM becames available the loading of resources is already started).

But you can do it using request interception via nsIContentPolicy.

There are other ways to intercept requests.

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I used the same code in my Firefox addon to extract the HTML contents of iframes in a webpage

var url="http://www.hemantpawar.com/";    
var allFrame = content.document.getElementsByTagName("iframe");
       for(var n=0; allFrame[n]!= null; n++)
            content.document.getElementsByTagName("iframe")[n].src= url;                
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