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I want to make simple audio streaming application but my this code is throwing exception. Can anybody tell me whats wrong?

***public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
       String url = "128.downloadming1.com/bollywood%20mp3/Ekk%20Deewana%20Tha%20(2012)/01%20-%20Kya%20Hai%20Mohabbat.mp3";
        MediaPlayer mp = new MediaPlayer();  
        try {
            } catch (Exception e){ 
            Log.i("Exception", "Exception in streaming mediaplayer e = " + e);
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You code is ok, but i think, that you must add to url "http://". This must work.

UPD: if this don't work - write you exception.

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:-). This thing is giving me much headache.Thanks –  WasimSafdar Jan 27 '12 at 17:39

Just adding to Anton's answer. prepare() function on Mediaplayer is synchronous which will block your UI thread. So its better to use setonpreparelistner and start your media player on onpreparelistner().

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