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I am using fragments in Android. At the beginning the API seemed very easy to use. Now I can say that it is overcomplicated with many problems that are not clearly documented. For example following many tutorials, I have created two layout one for the portrait and one for the landscape. In the portrait I put just one fragment (list) while in landscape I also have the detail fragment.

If I rotate the device, onCreateView of detail fragment gets called (and it is ok). The problem is that, if I rotate again the device in portrait (with no detail fragment in the xml), the onCreateView of Detail fragment is called again! Why this? and how to avoid? I can check for ViewGroup container == null but it is terrible.

UPDATE: making some research, I found that if the fragment is in the layout with the tag this is called just once when the layout is not present while if you replace a FrameLayout present just in one layout with the fragment, then the onCreateView is always called. I was expecting it was not called if attached to a container that is not present


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duplicate question: stackoverflow.com/questions/6164341/… –  Alex Curran Jan 27 '12 at 19:06
it is not the same. If I put in a layout just the fragment tag (so not added programmatically), my container is always null because I guess it has not been attached yet –  Matroska Jan 27 '12 at 19:13

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