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How to read the string from the position (Example)5 to the end of the string in java.

    QRegExp StripType(re, Qt::CaseInsensitive);
    int p = StripType.indexIn(line, 0);
    int len = StripType.matchedLength();
    String tmp += line.mid(len);

How to convert QT into java

Where re is in the above code is regular expression and i want to covert the above into java i have tried

String s =pattern.toString();
int pos =  s.indexOf(line);
Matcher matcher = Pattern.compile(re).matcher(line); 
if (matcher.find()) { 
} else { 
System.out.println("String contains no character other than that"); 
len = matcher.start();

But its not working correct Thanks in Advance

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To begin with you should add the Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE flag.

Matcher matcher = Pattern.compile(re, Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE).matcher(line); 
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