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jqGrid contains quantity column and add to cart button using colmodel below. Inline editing is used to fill quantity. If quantity is fileld and add to cart link on other column is clicked, entered quanty is not passed to AddToCart controller. Product id from id field in json data is passed correctly.

How to pass selected quantity to AddToCart controller (using invoked url query string or something other) ?

colmodel is:

 "formatoptions": {"baseLinkUrl":"http://MySite.com/Store/AddToCart"}

  "editoptions":{"maxlength":10 }


Data from server is in json format and row editing mode is used. rowData.Stocks_valkogus returns undefined.

I tried code below. alert box shows that quantityVal is undefined. How to retrieve entered quantity?


function addToCartOnClick(rowId, iRow, iCol, cellValue, e) {
    var iCol = getColumnIndexByName($grid, 'Stocks_valkogus') ,
       quantityVal = $('#' + $.jgrid.jqID(rowId) + '>td:nth-child(' + (iCol + 1) + '>input').val();
    alert(iCol); // returns 3 
    alert(quantityVal); // returns undefined. 
    window.location = 'Store/Details?' + $.param({
        id: rowId,
        quantity: quantityVal
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I understand the problem very good. I agree that both predefined formatter which one can use currently ('showlink' and 'link' formatters) are not flexible enough.

I can suggest you another formatter which you could download here. The usage of the formatter is very easy:

{label: "AddToCart", name: "Addtocrt_addtocrt", formatter: "dynamicLink",
    formatoptions: {
        url: function (cellValue, rowId, rowData) {
            return '/Store/AddToCart' + rowId + '?' +
                    quantity: rowData.Stocks_valkogus

The url defined as function will be used in the <a> as the value of href attribute.

Additionally to the url formatoptions the 'dynamicLink' formatter supports target option (with the same meaning as by 'showlink'), cellValue which can be also function and onClick callback with rowId, iRow, iCol, cellValue, e as parameters. If the onClick callback is defined the value of url will be ignored. So one can skip the definition of the formatter option url.

The demo demonstrate the usage of the 'dynamicLink' formatter:

enter image description here

The current code of the formatter 'dynamicLink' you can find below:

/*global jQuery */
(function ($) {
    'use strict';
    /*jslint unparam: true */
    $.extend($.fn.fmatter, {
        dynamicLink: function (cellValue, options, rowData) {
            // href, target, rel, title, onclick
            // other attributes like media, hreflang, type are not supported currently
            var op = {url: '#'};

            if (typeof options.colModel.formatoptions !== 'undefined') {
                op = $.extend({}, op, options.colModel.formatoptions);
            if ($.isFunction(op.target)) {
                op.target = op.target.call(this, cellValue, options.rowId, rowData, options);
            if ($.isFunction(op.url)) {
                op.url = op.url.call(this, cellValue, options.rowId, rowData, options);
            if ($.isFunction(op.cellValue)) {
                cellValue = op.cellValue.call(this, cellValue, options.rowId, rowData, options);
            if ($.fmatter.isString(cellValue) || $.fmatter.isNumber(cellValue)) {
                return '<a' +
                    (op.target ? ' target=' + op.target : '') +
                    (op.onClick ? ' onclick="return $.fn.fmatter.dynamicLink.onClick.call(this, arguments[0]);"' : '') +
                    ' href="' + op.url + '">' +
                    (cellValue || '&nbsp;') + '</a>';
            } else {
                return '&nbsp;';
    $.extend($.fn.fmatter.dynamicLink, {
        unformat: function (cellValue, options, elem) {
            var text = $(elem).text();
            return text === '&nbsp;' ? '' : text;
        onClick: function (e) {
            var $cell = $(this).closest('td'),
                $row = $cell.closest('tr.jqgrow'),
                $grid = $row.closest('table.ui-jqgrid-btable'),

            if ($grid.length === 1) {
                p = $grid[0].p;
                if (p) {
                    iCol = $.jgrid.getCellIndex($cell[0]);
                    colModel = p.colModel;
                        $row.attr('id'), $row[0].rowIndex, iCol, $cell.text(), e);
            return false;

I plan to place the code of the formatter and some other plugins to jqGrid on the github.

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Thank you. I tried this but quantity before edit start is returned. I updated question. –  Andrus Jan 29 '12 at 11:10
@Andrus: You use formatter here in a wrong way. It seems to me that you want use the link as the replacement of "Save" button of inline editing. In your case I would recommend you just use onClick part of formatter. On the onClick callback you can call saveRow to be sure that the values of the current editing rows are saved. You can additionally made any other calls of the server if you need do this additionally to the row saving. –  Oleg Jan 29 '12 at 13:24
@Andrus: Sorry, but I still not understand what you do and why the saving isn't work. In any way inside of onClick you know the rowid. So you can do full analyse of the row. You can easy get the current data from any <input> control too with about $('#' + $.jgrid.jqID(rowid) + '>td:nth-child(' + (iCol + 1) + '>input').val() where iCol should be the index of the quantity column. –  Oleg Jan 29 '12 at 14:23
@Andrus: I still don't understand why yo use inline editing if you don't implement saving of the row. Moreover the Store/Details?... seems be pure HTTP get which will be cached on the client side and it can be that the server will be not called at the second time. You have to place revalidate caching in the HTTP headers of the Store/Details response. The current code of addToCartOnClick is not good because it will not work if you click the link in the row which is not in editing. In the code I see that you should use ')>input' instead of '>input'. –  Oleg Jan 29 '12 at 15:15
@Andrus: default value of url is '#'. So if you just skip url definition or use url: '#' the onClick will be called. If you would use var $quantity = $('#' + $.jgrid.jqID(rowid) + '>td:nth-child(' + (iCol + 1) + ')') to get <td> of the 'Quantity' call. If $quantity.find('>input').length === 0 the cell is not in editing mode and both rowData.Stocks_valkogus and $quantity.text() get the value. if $quantity.find('>input').length === 1 the cell is in editing mode and you can get the value with respect of $quantity.find('>input').val(). It should work. –  Oleg Jan 29 '12 at 17:28

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