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Possible Duplicate:
What are all the values that ColdFusion considers “falsy” and “truthy”?

In ColdFusion, what integers are considered true and what integers are considered false in an if statement? I know that 1 is true and 0 is false, but is this it?

For example, it would be nice to know that I can do an if on a query data structure's record count to determine if the query has at least one record in it. For example, let's say our query is called, employees.

<cfif variables.employees.recordCount>
    There ARE employees.
    There ARE NO employees.

Would the statement "There ARE employees" be displayed if the record count was, say, 2?

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Any non zero number is true. Only 0 will return false.

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The expression inside the cfif tag must evaluate to a Boolean value (a true/false). Boolean values are represented as either "true" or "false", "yes" or "no", or "0" or any number.


So it looks like 0 is for false, or anything else for true in the case of integers.

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Very similar question: What are all the values that ColdFusion considers "falsy" and "truthy"?

Extensive blog post about how variables are evaluated for truthiness in ColdFusion: What are all the values that ColdFusion considers "falsy" and "truthy"?

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