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is this possible, and using Ajax to do this . object the goal was when someone's playing the MP3 player and browsing through the site the song stays playing and each time the page reloads it doesn't start over I-frame is doesn't really help that much because it's one thing need something that will work with Joomla! site is there any resources or plug-ins or links that you guys could post to help me solve this issue. can't find any good documentation on this. I would greatly appreciate the appreciate the help.

thank you

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One simple way achieving this using a classic HTML FrameSet:

  1. Create a FrameSet with two Frames:

    • Frame 1: Target to your MP3 player web-app
    • Frame 2: Joomla site
  2. Modify .htaccess to load the custom set of frames when entering the site instead of the plain Joomla template. Assuming your FrameSet is named start.php

    DirectoryIndex start.php index.php

So now whenever a link on your Joomla site is clicked it loads within frame 2. The player in frame 1 keeps playing... ♩ ♪ ♩ But note that a page refresh via your browsers native button still means that the music stops (as the FrameSet is gone). Find some more details in this German blogpost or via Google translate.

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