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This question has been striking me for many days...

Let's say I have a very simple Backbone app with a list of items. When you click on an item, you see a detailed view of this item.

Is it better to

  • create just ONE DetailedView and reuse it when the user clicks on the different items ; OR
  • create one new DetailedView at each click ?

I prefer option 2, but there issues because I don't destroy the views properly, and get the infamous "ghost views" problem with events firing from nowhere !

What is the best practice ?

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This is a very popular question, with quite some discussion and advice given here: stackoverflow.com/questions/7567404/… and here: stackoverflow.com/questions/6859187/… –  SunnyRed Jan 27 '12 at 19:21

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I re-use views in similar circumstances. Just reuse DetailedView. That way:

  • no need to create a structure to track all the views (since you wouldn't want to duplicate an already created view.)
  • No need to worry about memory size expanding without limit through long usage of the webapp
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