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Possible Duplicate:
How to check if a user likes my Facebook Page or URL using Facebook's API

how to check if user like a specific Facebook page or not from my website (using PHP or Javascript)

Fb App ID = 123456

Fb App Secret = `0123456789

Fbpage =

my website =


if user like Fbpage then

say "u are a fan"


say "u are not a fan"

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From the Graph API likes documentation:


You can check if a User likes a specific page by issuing an HTTP GETto /PROFILE_ID/likes/PAGE_ID. This will return, in the data array, an object with the following fields if the user is connected to the page.

You'll need a valid access token with the user_likes permission.

In Javascript, this might look like:

var page_id = 123456; // whatever

    // ...

    if (response.authResponse)
         FB.api('/me/likes/' + page_id, function(api_response)
             // if empty, they don't like. if not empty, they do

}, {'scope': 'user_likes'});
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You need to use the likes end point ( this is a json representation of a user's likes , interests etc. Just parse the list for your page id.

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