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Following another question here, i checked out a copy using --depth to ignore the multi gigabity old branchs, but now i'm having some trouble getting the files i do want.

my project tree:

|-- proj 1
|    |-- branches
|    `-- trunk
|-- proj 2
|    |-- branches
|    `-- trunk
`-- proj 3
     |-- sub proj A
     |   |-- branches
     |   |-- trunk
     |-- sub proj B
     |   |-- branches
     |   |-- trunk

so, what i did: svn checkout $url /workingcopy --depth empty

then: for $f in /workingcopy/*; do svn up "$f/trunk"; done

now, what i hopped would work: cd /workingcopy/proj3; svn up --depth empty

but instead of fetching the subproj dirs, it just exit saying "revision x"

how can i fetch all the files/dirs in a directory that is empty because if was checkedout/updated with --depth?

update: forgot to mention, svn up proj3/subprojA --depth empty; does work. but I have a couple dozen files like that... looking for something that will fetch them all like a checkout

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First of all I don't understand how you got proj 3 directory in the working copy. Secondly, what exactly you are trying to get -- all the directories/files of the proj 3 subtree or only part of them? –  Paker Feb 4 '12 at 21:37
@Paker, what do you mean? just add the dirs there and commit. then check them out. i got them empty using the --depth argument. What I want is to get all the trunks, which may be under proj1, or under projx/subprojZY but not the branches. –  gcb Feb 5 '12 at 22:22

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SVN update will always limit itself to the depth of the checkout done earlier. So you need to run multiple 'svn checkout' commands (vs svn update).

Here's how I would do it:

svn checkout $url /workingcopy --depth immediates

This gets you all 'projX' folders, without content.

for $f in /workingcopy/*; do svn checkout $url/$f /workingcopy/$f" --depth immediates; done

This fetches projX/[trunk|tags|branches], also without content.

svn checkout $url/proj3/trunk /workingcopy/proj3/trunk

This checks out the full content of the trunk folder of proj3.

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getting to believe there's no way besides a 'update script'. you are right –  gcb Feb 5 '12 at 22:20

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