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I'm running resque on an EC2 cluster. I have about 10 workers running on 2 large instances, and another large instance running redis itself, but every 3 minutes the resque workers get killed because the socket connection to redis times out.

Has anyone ran into this issue before?

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Hi, Were you able to solve this issue? I am seeing the same issue. Any pointers is appreciated! –  d33pika Nov 22 '13 at 4:09

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Perhaps you want to set your timeout=0 in your redis.conf so your servers will allow your clients to be idle indefinitely. The default is 300 seconds (five minutes).

Another option would be to arrange to have your clients issue a Redis PING command every couple of minutes (the response should be the string "PONG"). I don't see any option for Resque to provide this sort of keep alive for you (though I do see references to a keepalive patch for Resque.

(If I were implementing something like Resque I'd use any of BLPOP or BRPOP or BRPOPLPUSH with a non-zero timeout option to support something akin to select() like polling. Thus application wakes up every minute or so even if the queue(s) are idle to do some housekeeping (including running a "PING").

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