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i just cant figure out how this mass thing works . i have read the box2d docs, (which have many commands that are not in the cocos2d at the moment) and i was trying to understand the mass thing.

i know that if i change the body density it doesnt change a thing :

    //add body
b2BodyDef spriteBodyDef;
spriteBodyDef.type =b2_dynamicBody; //b2_staticBody;
spriteBodyDef.userData = pilot1;
pilot1Body = world->CreateBody(&spriteBodyDef);    
b2CircleShape spriteShape; //b2polygon-for box shape
spriteShape.m_radius = 15.0/PTM_RATIO;
b2FixtureDef spriteShapeDef;
spriteShapeDef.restitution = 0.4f;
spriteShapeDef.shape = &spriteShape;

b2Fixture *fix=pilot1Body->GetFixtureList();
NSLog(@"mass2: %f", pilot1Body->GetMass());  
spriteShapeDef.isSensor = false;
    [self addChild:pilot1];

thanks a lot.

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You need to set new density for some or all the fixtures attached to the body using b2Fixture::SetDensity and then call b2Body::ResetMassData, for example:

    NSLog(@"mass1: %f", body->GetMass());
    b2Fixture *fix = body->GetFixtureList();
    while (fix) {
        fix = fix->GetNext();
    NSLog(@"mass2: %f", body->GetMass());
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thanks but i have done that: spriteShapeDef.density = 0.0; pilot1Body->ResetMassData(); and i was playing with the density from 0 to 200 but it does not change a THING. what am i missing here ? – Curnelious Jan 28 '12 at 19:56
@Rant, did you try my code or not? my code does not modify shapeDef's density, it directly modifies the density of the fixtures. (remember that fixture def, shape def, anything-def are only used when creating fixture, shape, anything and modifying the def after the objects are created won't change the objects' properties) – Lukman Jan 28 '12 at 23:18
i did what you said- please see my edit of the question to see what i did . thanks . – Curnelious Jan 29 '12 at 10:43
i get crash on the setdensity when doing this. – Curnelious Jan 29 '12 at 11:01

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