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Well I am having trouble to print numbers with decimal point. When I run python and ask it to do a division, in which the result must be a number with decimal point, it doesn't print the decimal point. For instance, I have just made this algorithm:

print 'Report card calculation'
grade1 = input ('Insert the first grade: ')
grade2 = input ('Insert the second grade: ')
grade3 = input ('Insrt the third grade: ')

media = (grade1 + grade2 + grade3) / 3
print 'Your final result is', media

But when it prints the "media", the number which should have a decimal point doesn't come with a decimal point. How can I fix it?

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what are your inputs? are they integers? –  Joel Cornett Jan 27 '12 at 20:32

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Simplest change: divide by 3.0 instead of 3:

media = (grade1 + grade2 + grade3) / 3.0

This will ensure that the value assigned to media will be floating point even if the three grade variables hold ints.

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Humm... Got it. That worked perfect for me. Thaks. –  Thi G. Jan 27 '12 at 20:44

At the top of your file, add:

from __future__ import division

or use 3.0 instead of 3. In Python 2, dividing two integers always produces an integer.

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Your operation is handled as an integer division, try using 3.0 in place of 3, see what happens then.

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When you divide two integers in Python 2.x, the result will be an integer. From the documentation on Numeric Types:

For (plain or long) integer division, the result is an integer. The result is always rounded towards minus infinity: 1/2 is 0, (-1)/2 is -1, 1/(-2) is -1, and (-1)/(-2) is 0. Note that the result is a long integer if either operand is a long integer, regardless of the numeric value.

To get the behavior you want, either add from __future__ import division to the top of your module to use the Python 3 division behavior, or change one the numerator or denominator (or both) to a float:

# either of the following would work
media = float(grade1 + grade2 + grade3) / 3
media = (grade1 + grade2 + grade3) / 3.0
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