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If I define a git alias that executes an external script is there any way to get the original CWD? I know external scripts always execute at the root of the repo so I was just wondering if there was an env variable or something I could use to figure out where I ran my script.

Here is an example alias:

git config --global '!echo pwd `pwd`'

/home/me/repo/folder$ git here
pwd /home/me/repo

I'm looking for something that does the following:

git config --global '!echo pwd $OLD_PWD'

/home/me/repo/folder$ git here
pwd /home/me/repo/folder
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As per the manual, you should be able to use GIT_PREFIX, which will be set with the same prefix as returned by git rev-parse --show-prefix. You can append that prefix to the root path.

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Do you know what version of git that was added in ? Apparently i'm on 1.7.1 which I think is outdated. Might have to manually install the update. – HaxElit Jan 27 '12 at 22:28
I had an outdated version of git. Apparently the version on ubuntu 10.10 is pretty old. Use the PPA to update to a newer version. – HaxElit Mar 26 '12 at 14:24

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