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I'm using Django v1.2.3 and Dajaxice v0.2. My setup looks exactly like the one in the docs, but my function is not being registered. When I try to call this function it seems to be undefined and when I open the Dajaxice.core.js there is no registered function. Because I CAN open the Dajaxice.core.js it looks to me like everything is working except the registration of functions. Can this have something to do with Django v1.2?

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I had the same problem once. My solution isn't that nice, but it worked for me. As you can read in the dajaxice docs you can serve the file statically when your done {% dajaxice_js_import "js/dajaxice.core.js"%}. That's what I did, and I hardcoded the register of my function. After a server restart I changed it to {% dajaxice_js_import %} and removed the hardcoded stuff, but the function was still registered.

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When registering function using DAJAXICE_FUNCTIONS option in settings.py you should call it as


When using decorator @dajaxice_register call it as

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There are 2 ways to register a function with dajax. Have you tried both? There is this way:


and this way:

def myexample(request):

Creating my first dajaxice function

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Yes I tried both, without success. I also tried to register two functions with the same name, just to throw an exception. But even this didn't have an effect. –  jacquesknie Jan 28 '12 at 12:49

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