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I'm still trying to implement research in jqGrid + MVC3, so far without success.

Meanwhile someone could solve me this, I was wondering what was in your opinion between these two articles the best search implementation and whether there are valid alternatives:

  1. Using jqGrid’s search toolbar with multiple filters in ASP.NET MVC by Ilya Builuk
  2. jqGridDemo by @Oleg Personally I feel the second solution more elegant and complete, but I'm still having problems. Moreover, in its code is used JavaScriptSerializer and I read in this blog that "The JavaScriptSerializer type was marked as obsolete prior to .NET Framework 3.5 SP1"...and this discussion get me more confused about this...

Personally, I am still having a problem with the ObjectQuery because I calculated properties of the entities, so they do no reside into the dataset ...

Thank you and I apologize if my questions can be trivial to most, but I am just a beginner...and I'm trying to learn...THX

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