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I have a problem with the following code snip

the first time after start my program runs through this function the IdFtp.List command gives the following error

EListError with message 'List index out of bounds (1)'

But on second run no error occurs

procedure TForm1.FinnaSkrar(FileFilter: string; FtpFiles : TStringlist);
  i : Integer;
    IdFTP1.List(FileFilter, False);
    ShowMessage('No file found !');
  for I := 0 to IdFTP1.DirectoryListing.Count - 1 do 

I have tried upgrading Indy to the latest version build 4734 on Delphi 2010 , but no success

Some further info, at the time of error The call stack shows

  • :7547b9bc KERNELBASE.RaiseException + 0x58
  • :0043652e TList.Get + $1A
  • :0043652e TList.Get + $1A
  • IdComponent.TIdComponent.EndWork(wmRead)
  • IdComponent.TIdComponent.EndWork(wmRead)
  • IdComponent.TIdComponent.EndWork(wmRead)
  • IdIOHandler.TIdIOHandler.ReadStream($229ADD0,-1,True)
  • IdFTP.TIdFTP.InternalGet('NLST REKIM-0130',$229ADD0,False)
  • IdFTP.TIdFTP.List(nil,'REKIM-0130',False)
  • IdFTP.TIdFTP.List('REKIM-0130',False)
  • unitMainTntNavi.TfrmMain.FinnaSkrar('REKIM-0130',$22BE730)

The OnDirParseStart and OnRetrived Dir have not been triggered

and the IdFTP1.DirFormat string is empty

calling IdFTP1.RetrieveCurrentDir first don't help

calling IdFTP1.List(nil) has the same result

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Which line is the exception actually being raised on? What does the debugger show for the call stack when the exception is raised? Before the exception occurs, are the OnRetrievedDir and OnDirParseStart events being triggered? Has the DirFormat property being set to a non-empty string by the time the exception is raised? List() itself does not do anything that should be accessing any list indexes, so it should be the first access of the DirectoryListing property after calling List(), as that is when the data captured by List() is actually parsed. Can you confirm that? – Remy Lebeau Jan 28 '12 at 2:26
I think you are missing IdFTP1.RetrieveCurrentDir before IdFTP1.List. also try IdFTP1.List(nil); without the FileFilter. Take a look at: IndyDemos\FTP. – kobik Jan 28 '12 at 13:29

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