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For a homework assignment, I must read an augmented matrix from a file, then perform Gaussian Elimination with partial pivoting. The problem is that we're required to load any size Matrix (square or not) that is augmented with the vector b.

Ax = b is the equation, obviously, and we are given a file containing [A b]. An example of the file is as follows:

2.0000000000000000e+000 2.0000000000000000e+000 1.0000000000000000e+000 4.0000000000000000e+000 2.0000000000000000e+000 1.0000000000000000e+000

1.0000000000000000e+000 3.0000000000000000e+000 2.0000000000000000e+000 -3.0000000000000000e+000 2.0000000000000000e+000 2.0000000000000000e+000

4.0000000000000000e+000 0.0000000000000000e+000 0.0000000000000000e+000 2.0000000000000000e+000 3.0000000000000000e+000 3.0000000000000000e+000

-2.0000000000000000e+000 1.0000000000000000e+000 1.0000000000000000e+000 0.0000000000000000e+000 2.0000000000000000e+000 2.0000000000000000e+000

3.0000000000000000e+000 8.0000000000000000e+000 4.0000000000000000e+000 -7.0000000000000000e+000 8.0000000000000000e+000 1.0000000000000000e+000

In this file, there are 6 doubles per line, so it's a 5x5 Matrix with the vector b augmented with it.

Since I'm not allowed to use command line arguments for the size (other argument is the file), I'm curious to know how I should go about loading the doubles into a Matrix. Each test file has a different number of lines, for example one has 3 lines, and the other has 10.

The matrix will be stored as a 2d array.

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You can use strtok function to read the numbers separated by a space and count the number of tokens to know the dimensions of your matrix.

strtok is a function that performs string tokenising.

See c-faq for an example on how to use strtok:


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Thank you, that's what I was looking for but couldn't find it. –  Copephobia Jan 27 '12 at 22:19
@Copephobia You're welcome! –  ouah Jan 27 '12 at 22:20

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