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I've been messing around with this for a while now, but I can't seem to get it done.

I get tasks as JSON-data back from my API. The data looks like this, printed with Ti.API.info(this.responseText):

[INFO] [{"created_at":"2012-01-09T15:05:25Z","description":"Smullen van onze pizza","id":1,"title":"Pizza Eten","updated_at":"2012-01-09T15:05:25Z","user_id":11},{"created_at":"2012-01-09T15:05:25Z","description":"Lekker Lekker!","id":21,"title":"Ice-Tea Drinken","updated_at":"2012-01-09T15:05:25Z","user_id":11}]

I'm not quite sure how to process this data. I tried a couple of things:

getData.onload = function(){
    var tasks = this.responseText;
    for(t in tasks) {

This printed:

[INFO] 0
[INFO] 1
[INFO] 2
[INFO] 3
[INFO] 4
[INFO] 5
[INFO] 6

till 306.

Another thing I tried was:

var tasks = this.responseText;
for(t in tasks)
        Ti.API.info(t + " -> " + tasks[t]);

This gave me:

[INFO] 0 -> [
[INFO] 1 -> {
[INFO] 2 -> "
[INFO] 3 -> c
[INFO] 4 -> r
[INFO] 5 -> e
[INFO] 6 -> a
[INFO] 7 -> t
[INFO] 8 -> e
[INFO] 9 -> d

Another try:

var tasks = this.responseText;
for(t in tasks)


[INFO] <null>
[INFO] <null>
[INFO] <null>

I'm really confused how to process this JSON and how to 'prepare' it so i can use it in a tableview. Anyone can help me out here? Thanks.

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as skypanther already pointed out. you need to parse your json string to an object. it's well explained at json.org. after you parsed your string into an object it is easy to access its members and create your tableview row.

/* create the tableview row */
makeTableViewRow = function(_object){

  var row = Ti.UI.createTableViewRow({

  var title = Ti.UI.createLabel({
     text: _object.title,

  return row;

getData.onload = function(){
  var tasks = json.parse(this.responseText), /* parse the json string */
      _rowsForTableView = []; /* put the rows in here */

  /* create the rows */
  for (i in tasks){
     var _row = makeTableView(tasks[i]);


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responseText is giving you a string. You want it to be an object to either loop through it as you're trying or to put it in a table. Try JSON.parse(this.responseText) to get that object.

The table.data property expects an array of objects, with properties that line up with those of the Ti.UI.TableViewRow object. I haven't tried putting your code into a project. But it looks like your JSON data, if converted to an object, will line up just fine.

In other words, table.data = JSON.parse(this.responseText) should work. Variables might not be in scope, so you might need to do more than just drop that line into your onload callback.

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If I put the JSON.parse line and then do: for(t in tasks) { Ti.API.info(t.title); }, I still get <null> twice. Any idea about that? Thanks for the quick reply. –  cabaret Jan 27 '12 at 22:25
In your statement, "t" is the index in to the tasks array. It's not the object itself. tasks[t].title will yield the result you expect. –  Dawson Toth Jan 28 '12 at 0:41

Once you convert the string to the object (via JSON.parse) it may help to get a visual representation of that object - you can do that with my dp_debug component here:


It's not to solve your problem directly, but it will show exactly what that object "looks" like.

It's old (ancient in JS terms) but I still find it insanely useful for this kind of thing. Hope it helps.

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