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Say we have the following array, $myArray, to check as per var_export:

array (
  0 => AnObject::__set_state(array(
           'id' => 10,
           'name' => 'foo'
  1 => AnObject::__set_state(array(
           'id' => 23,
           'name' => 'bar'
  2 => AnObject::__set_state(array(
           'id' => 55,
           'name' => 'baz'

The assertion should pass if this array contains an AnObject which has a name of 'bar'.

I know that if I knew the position of the AnObject value, I could use:

$this->assertAttributeSame('bar', 'name', $myArray[1]);

Is there some way to use $this->assertThat(), or another type of contains to check the entire array and return true of one of the objects has the attribute that matches?

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There is no such built-in assertion and I cannot think of any possibility to combine them to get the expected result.

What I recommend you - is to create a helper method that accepts an array and does the necessary check in a loop.

Other solution is to create completely new assertion just for this case, but I think it is an overkill for this task ;-)

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Depends, if you need that check more often or the actual comparison is getting more and more complex: an own assertion is not that hard to integrate. Just saying. –  hakre Jan 30 '12 at 15:23
@hakre: Just agreeing :-) –  zerkms Jan 30 '12 at 19:29

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