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I have two tables as follows:

tbl_answers : id, (FK)authorID ...

tbl_answer_votes : id, (FK)voterID, (FK)answerID, vote (sInt, only ever -1 or 1) 

tbl_answers has a one to many relationship with tbl_answer_votes and a vote can be either negative 1 or positive 1.

I need to join tbl_answer_votes on to tbl_answers but produce the sum of all negative votes for that answer and the sum of all positive votes for the answer as two separate columns.

I can do this by sub-querying but as it will be a small part of a larger query and after reading the pitfalls on sub-queries I would like to try and produce those two negative and positive sums from the votes table as efficiently as possible.

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You can use a CASE and a JOIN to accomplish this:

  SUM(CASE when 1 then 1 else 0 end) as UpVotes,
  SUM(CASE when -1 then 1 else 0 end) as DownVotes
  tbl_answers a
  tbl_answer_votes v
ON =

This returns the ID from tbl_answers and the two columns with the total votes of either value from tbl_answer_votes. You didn't specify which (if any) other columns you'd want from either table, so you may have to adjust the column list in the SELECT and the GROUP BY portions to add additional columns.

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Sorry i dont have time. but here you might have to twick it little bit.

 select, SUM(CASE WHEN = 1 Then 1 ELSE 0 END ), SUM(CASE WHEN ( = -1) then 1 ELSE 0 end)
from tbl_answers a
inner join tbl_answer_votes v
    On = v.asnwerId
where = 123
group by
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Write a query that returns the sum of the votes, and the count of the votes for each answer.


sum of votes = positive votes - negative votes
count of votes = positive votes + negative votes

you have

positive votes = (count+sum)/2
negative votes = (count-sum)/2

so just add those expressions to your query. Something like

SELECT answerID, (COUNT(*)+SUM(vote))/2 as upvotes,
                 (COUNT(*)-SUM(vote))/2 as downvotes
FROM tbl_answer_votes

and then you should be OK for the join part.

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