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How can I fork (via Process wrapping) and have twisted completely reset in the new process. I have to spawn a new process from a process with a lot of reactor but I need to chage reactors (in the new process) removing something and adding something else.

For example I need a glib2reactor both in parent and in child....but twisted notifies to me that reactor has been already installed (after fork). Fork copies parent memory to the child with every twisted-reactors..How can I "reset" twisted in the child?

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Twisted supports launching arbitrary child processes (including processes using Twisted) via twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorProcess. See the process howto for details of how to use it.

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os.fork() clones the current process, returning the process id of the child to the parent and 0 to the child.

if os.fork():

If you use os.system() or the subprocesses module you get a fresh-new process.

You can use a fork, &, in your os.system() command to avoid blocking.

error = os.system('ls &')

os.execv and friends replace the current process with the target command.

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