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The iOS status bar contains an icon that shows you what kind of internet connectivity it thinks you have. Wi-Fi, 3G, Edge, etc.

Is there an API that will find out what kind of connection the phone thinks it has?

I don't want to use SCNetworkReachability. I don't want to specify a hostname or address. I don't want to make any attempt at using the network in any way. I just want to know what kind of connectivity the device thinks it has.

Does this exist? Thanks!!!

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SCNetworkReachability does not make any attempt at using the network in any way. It does exactly what you want to do and is far from heavyweight. You must however specify a hostname or address - it will then tell you what kind of connection is available to reach that address. It doesn't actually connect, and it won't tell you if the remote end is available.

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The call can take a long time to return. I've since switched to using a "zero address", and things seem faster. I'd like to understand why it can take so long if you specify a hostname. I assumed that it was performing some sort of routing calculation that required connectivity. –  strawtarget Feb 14 '12 at 23:37
Can you explain what you mean by "zero address"? –  thomers Mar 2 at 14:47

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