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Im making a program that takes a file and finds identifiers. So far I removed any words in quotes, any words that start with a number and I removed all the non word characters.

Is there a way to find words that dont match words in an array and store those words into another array using regex? I can figure it out, I was trying to use the split method but its not working right when I try to split by spaces...This is what I did to split it.

String[] SplitString = newLine.split("[\\s]");
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please give an example.. –  dku.rajkumar Jan 28 '12 at 2:07

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String[] SplitString = newLine.split("\\s");

if you don't want to combine multiple spaces/tabs, etc., but use

String[] SplitString = newLine.split("\\s+");

if you do. For example, if your string is:

"a  b c"

the first will give you four tokens: "a", "", "b", and "c", and the second will give you three: "a", "b", and "c".

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You can do it simply in one line by first removing the known words, then splitting:

String[] unknownWords = newLine.replaceAll("\\b(apple|orange|banana)\\b", "").split("\\s+");


  • Your regex [\s] is equivalent to \s, so I simplified it
  • You should probably split on any number of spaces: \s+
  • \b means "word boundary" - this means the removal regex won't match applejack
  • The regex (A|B|C|etc) is the syntax for "OR" logic
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