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I was hoping that I could somehow define and then chainem up in a nice way to get some code similar to this:

Task ShowLoadNotificationTask = new Task( () => ShowLoadNotification(frm) );
Task LoadAllWorkOrdersTask = new Task(() => LoadAllWorkOrders());
Task CloseLoadNotificationTask = new Task(() => CloseLoadNotificationTask(frm));

ShowLoadNotificationTask.ContinueWith( LoadAllWorkOrdersTask );


Of course the above code is not correct, but how to get something working similar to above?

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It sounds like you want to independently construct Task instances and then later combine them together into a single Task. If so then what you are looking for is the Unwrap extension method defined in System.Core

Task parent = ShowLoadNotificationTask
  .ContinueWith(_ => LoadAllWorkOrdersTask)
  .ContinueWith(_ => CloseLoadNotificationTask)

The Unwrap method takes a Task<Task> and returns back a Task (the same goes for Task<Task<T>>. This allows you to return a Task as the continuation of an existing Task and get back the original Task type you returned.

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