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I've been trying to connect Google calendar with a Django app deployed on Google App Engine and though I've been following some of the other Stackoverflow answers- I'm still struggling with the problem as I need to connect OAuth2 independently. Could anyone please point me in the direction of a library that I could install it on my app.

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I don't know what you mean by "to connect OAuth2 independently" but I think you need gdata-python-client library and you can read about how to use google calender API .

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I tried using this library and have got it working on my computer through the python shell. I also managed to get it working on a Django application on my computer. But when I try to integrate that code in a Django application which is deployed on Google's app engine, I get errors saying that multiple modules - gflag, httplib2 cannot be found. Any tips? – e7mac Jan 29 '12 at 3:53
Install all missing gdata dependancies to your deployment python enviroment. – machaku Jan 29 '12 at 5:17

Google now have a basic Python starter app to download:


It includes four libraries apiclient, httplib2, oauth2client and uritemplate in the download which you probably rather want to pip install and add to your project's requirements file instead.

Actually even easier, you can just pip install google-api-python-client it doesn't install anything except the four required libraries above, you then need to make some code like in sample.py downloaded from the 'get started' link.

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There is a Python OAuth 2 library with info about integrating it with Django. Of course, it's currently a work-in-progress as OAuth 2 has not become a finalized RFC as of yet: https://github.com/dgouldin/python-oauth2

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