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I am having some trouble trying to access variables in twig.

I have a class called staff and a class called image

every staff has 1 image_id which maps to the image table

I can call the following code in php to access the image url

//...get 1 staff member
echo $staff->getImage()->getWebPath();

However calling this code in twig does not seem to work

{{ staff.image.webpath }}

If I pull the image in php and pass it to the template i can access it like so

$image = $staff->getImage();

{{ image.webpath }}

I would like to pass all staff to my template and then use a for loop to print out their names bios titles and images. Is this possible to do with the Image?

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Do You have a getImage() function in Staff entity ? –  Pawel Jan 28 '12 at 12:50

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I will define the __toString method in the image entity like this:

public function __toString() { return $this->getWebPath(); }

Then you will access variable in the Twig like:

<img src="{{ staff.image }}" alt="image" />

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That worked great!!! Thanks!!! –  Shawn Northrop Jan 28 '12 at 20:31

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