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In the program below the first two logs work fine. I'm not doing anything new in the third and final log but somehow it crashes at runtime. Where is the error in my script? I have looked it over a large number of times and it seems like a fairly trivial modification of the proven working code above it.

sumSq = (n) -> ([0..n].map (i) -> i * i).reduce (a, b) -> a + b
sq = (n) -> n * n
sqSum = ((n) -> ([0..n].reduce (a, b) -> a + b))
console.log(sqSum 5)
console.log(sq(sqSum 5))
newSqSum = sq ((n) -> ([0..n].reduce (a, b) -> a + b))
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what is your expected result? – Sandro Jan 28 '12 at 4:07

This is a function, not a number:

(n) -> ([0..n].reduce (a, b) -> a + b)

so when you say this:

newSqSum = sq ((n) -> ([0..n].reduce (a, b) -> a + b))

you're calling sq with a function as its argument. Then sq will try to multiply that function with itself and the result will be NaN because there is no sensible numeric representation of a function. And finally, your third console.log tries to call that NaN value as function and there's your error message.

Something of the form fn1 fn2, for functions f1 and f2, is not a function composition, it is in fact the same as writing fn1(fn2) and that won't produce a new function unless fn1 is explicitly constructed to return a function. If you want to compose the functions then I think you need to do it by hand:

newSqSum = (n) -> sq ((n) -> ([0..n].reduce (a, b) -> a + b)) n
# Or with less hate for the people maintaining your code:
newSqSum = (n) -> sq sqSum n
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