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I need to use Json.net to serialize my object to the client side, which it does brilliantly. However I want to extend it's behaviour to use more attributes during serialization, specifically attributes from the Data Annotations namespace.

Here's one example: I need to output a date, and rather than send the date to the client side, and format it there, I want to control the format of the output on the server side.

[DisplayFormat(DataFormatString = "{0:d}")]
public DateTime BirthDate { get;set;}

I looked at using a converter to process this, but at the stage a converter is executed, it has no reference back to the member information of the declaring property, so I wouldn't be able to examine the attribute. I'm assuming I would need to override/extend the IContractResolver behaviour, but there is very little documentation on how all the pieces fit, like JsonContract etc.

I just need some pointers as to how the whole thing hangs together, and I'll work the rest out. Thanks in advance to anyone kind enough to assist.

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